Hi, we’re
Full Stack Energy®

Full Stack Energy is a boutique software and hardware development company
that specializes in energy management solutions.

What We Do

Hardware Design

We design and develop high quality, custom hardware solutions as well as integrate existing hardware to suit your needs and the needs of your users.

Software Design

Manage and store your data
Get that data to where it is required, on desktop, mobile , dashboard, SCADA, you name it.

Field trials and deployment

Rigorous, real world testing. Designed to find out how your software and hardware solutions behave when they are in the hands of users.

What sets us apart?

Full Stack

We are full stack. We understand how to collect and manage energy data through its whole lifecycle: we develop solutions that safeguard data from creation to delivery.


We understand and care deeply about energy. We understand how to collect and manage energy data efficiently.


We are small enough to care but big enough to deliver. Our European team is nimble and is highly focused on getting products released.