EV Charging Management


Integrate, Operate & Efficiently Manage Business Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleets.

Powered by Full Stack Energy, chargeKomplete is a charge point infrastructure and EV vehicle management platform.

chargeKomplete Charging Station Details

Load Balance Management


Intelligent Load Balancing of EV Fleet Charging.

LoadKontrol supports multiple configurable load control strategies as well as complex circuit topologies.


Solving Energy Challenges

We are obsessed with energy

Full Stack Energy is all-in on energy. We specialise in innovative grid technologies, grid-scale storage, control of renewables, BTM (behind-the-meter) applications, EV integrations, demand response, and anything else energy-related.

Our expertise lies in enabling companies to bring energy-related products to market. Due to our in-depth, extensive knowledge of energy and the energy industry, we can help companies quickly unlock market opportunities and revenue streams through specialised and complex technology solutions.

Energy Management


Energy Management Ecosystem

What sets us apart?

Full Stack Energy is all-in on energy


We are passionate about carbon neutrality and sustainability.  Every day our work makes the world a better place by reducing carbon emissions - who wouldn't be passionate about that?

Full Stack

We are Full Stack Energy. We understand how to collect, manage and control energy data throughout its lifecycle: we develop solutions that safeguard data from creation to delivery.


Our sole focus is energy and that means our experience is unparalleled.  We are continually working on a diverse range of energy projects with the largest energy players in the world.

What we do

Full Stack Energy eats, breathes & sleeps energy.

Team Augmentation

We are here to enhance your team through project or contract work. You can benefit from the expertise and experience of our highly specialised development engineers without the cost or hassle of recruitment.

Software Development

Highly specialised, expert, outsourced software development for the energy market. We are all-in on energy, and we bring invaluable expertise and knowledge resulting in unique, innovative solutions for our clients.

Product Development

Full Stack Energy has a long history in the specialised design and development of energy-related technology products. Helping clients drive product innovations in the energy space is where we excel.