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Full Stack Energy’s expertise lies in enabling companies to bring energy-related products to market. We have a track record of designing smart grid, behind the meter and EV control solutions for top companies across Europe and the US, to name a few.

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Jochen Schneider

ResourceKraft joined our team in 2019. Within a few weeks, they helped us bring an MVP of coneva's energy monitoring system to market for a strategic customer. We continued to work with ResourceKraft on this project for the following three years as we built upon the MVP and turned it into an enterprise-grade system. ResourceKraft personnel were instrumental in all parts of the lifecycle.

ResourceKraft helped develop other essential products, including our EV load management product.

ResourceKraft does not just bring the ability to cut code – they also bring industry knowledge as they have been deeply embedded in the energy industry for over a decade.

Jochen Schneider - Managing Director, Coneva
Alex Telford

The unique combination of quality engineering and vast energy expertise sets Full Stack Energy apart. Their dedication and flexibility helped drive our 10-year+ business relationship and helped our customers save $1.5 billion in energy costs.

The Full Stack Energy team continue to be core to the design and the re-architecture of our flagship Direct Install platform. During our relationship, Lime Energy also worked with Full Stack Energy to carve out and manage key IP blocks, including the acquisition of a key patent in 2020.


    Development and operation of a grid support system that dispatches large distributed battery banks to support the electricity grid.

    The system incorporates PMU technology that monitors the grid frequency hundreds of times per second and dispatches battery banks if a frequency event is detected. The system utilises Full Stack Energy GridAlign technology.

    Battery Management Grid
    Substation-level Control of PV

    Development of all aspects of a system that can control neighbourhoods of PV inverters and other assets in near-real time to ensure that substations are not overwhelmed by down-stream generation at times of peak production.

    The effort includes the development of home-based controller firmware, load control algorithms, highly reliable substation-based controllers, and a cloud-based management platform. The technology is compatible with the UK's G100 standard for export limitations.

    Development of scalable systems to carry out dynamic load management of OCPP-based EV chargers.

    The project involves the development of:

    1. Reliable embedded applications that intercept OCPP traffic and inject load control instructions.
    2. Data processing and ingestion functionality.
    3. Key ancillary systems.
    EV Charging
    EV Fleets

    Evaluating the feasibility and quantifying the Total Cost of Ownership is a massive consideration for companies when converting from a conventional to an EV fleet.

    In addition to fuel savings and lowering the organisation's carbon footprint, there are other significant opportunities to optimise fleet management and operation, resulting in substantial savings.

    The Full Stack Energy team developed a turn-key energy assessment & measurement tool that would guarantee savings from day one and recoup the costs from the savings.

    The Switch-To-Circuit Audit Tool assesses the viability of M&V technical metering. The audit platform provides a complete audit verification process to ensure the accuracy of proposed savings.

    M&V Audit Tool

    Developed low-cost metering and data acquisition using custom firmware and off-the-shelf components.

    There were requirements to ensure that the system remained compatible with the protocols that were deployed on legacy data acquisition systems.

    Custom Data Logger and Metering
    Solar PV Monitoring

    A significant global retailer contracted Full Stack Energy to produce an energy management system that enabled the retailer to clearly see the actual site consumption in real-time. The calculated ROI using modelling of solar and refrigeration demand/response contributions to the energy cost. 

    With the real-time data they were able to  compare their various sites allowing them to identify anomalies and opportunities for immediate energy savings.

    Full Stack Energy developed and deployed a system that continuously monitored a vessel's fuel usage and assisted bridge officers in deploying optimal engine settings.

    The system utilised MODBUS/TCP, GPS position tracking and highly accurate, non-invasive fuel metering technology.

    The industrialised Android-based HMI was used for computing and visualisation.

    Fuel Management for Shipping


    Energy Use Prediction Algorithm

    An algorithm to predict a circuit's energy usage in 15-minute segments for up to 3 hours into the future.

    This algorithm was deployed in response to a customer's need to understand the likely positive financial impact of shedding large industrial loads for short periods at short notice.

    Growth Rate Over-Time

    Cellular (2009-Ongoing)

    Low-Cost Data Acquisition System

    Low cost, highly reliable embedded data acquisition and control system.

    Can acquire data and control via MODBUS slaves and GPIO digital inputs and outputs. Cloud access via cellular networks.


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