Fuel Management.

System for Shipping

A ship fuel monitoring solution. Acquires interprets and displays engine data and fuel consumption.

Project Overview

The Client

The client is a maritime organisation operating a large fleet of vessels with high running costs.

Business Challenge

Ships were burning a significant amount of fuel. The client wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their vessels. The client was keen to gather and analyse the consumption data for diesel fuel costs generally increasing. The resulting data insights was then leveraged to enact more efficient operations.


The Full Stack Energy team developed a custom turn-key energy metering and reporting solution to monitor the fleet's engine efficiency.

Issues to be Identified

  • Which behaviours and activities are most efficient/inefficient in terms of ship operation
  • Which ships are burning the most diesel, and when the diesel is being burned
  • Whether there is an emerging maintenance issue that is resulting in increased diesel usage


Republic of Ireland


maritime industry


Business Process Development, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Embedded Software Development, QA Testing


Typescript, HTML/CSS, MaterialUI, Angular, Swift, AWS, JSReport, MQTT, EnOcean, MODBUS, C++

Solution Highlights


Display features

Full Stack Energy provided a team of three specialists - a Full Stack Developer, an Embedded Hardware Engineer and a Product Designer/Project Manager.

The first step was to frame the domain problem, and scope of requirements. It was determined that a bridge-mounted display would help determine the most efficient throttle settings. Twelve months of engine data needed to be stored on board. The data needed to be securely transmitted details to shore for display and analysis.

  • Simple, easy-to-read display

  • Instantaneous updates

  • Historical display

  • Graduated red (bad), yellow (ok), green (good) efficiency display

Engine Display Energy Monitoring System


Resulting value

Only Full Stack Energy could provide deep knowledge of the energy sector and technological know-how that enabled the team and the client to quickly collaborate on informed and innovative solutions.

The Full Stack Energy team built a robust and secure system. Officers can now develop and enforce efficient operating practices using simple trend analysis and occasional checks of efficiency display.

System Deliverables

  • Will help drive efficiencies in ships fuel usage

  • Will provide instant feedback to officers regarding the ship's fuel efficiency

  • Officers can then take an instant action to gain efficiencies of 10% or more

  • Can be fully integrated with existing Advisor installation, thus providing centralised tracking of all fuel and energy usage on land and at sea

  • Installation is relatively quick and painless – little or no disruption to operations

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