Battery Management for Grid Support.

Project Overview


Electricity grids are some of the most complex systems ever invented. Millions of homes and businesses are served by electricity grids across thousands of miles of transmission and distribution lines; there is an incredible tangle of electron flows.

Decarbonisation requires more and more renewable energy sources to power the grid. With this ever-growing number of renewable energy assets being developed and connected to grid networks, the need for energy storage solutions is increasing exponentially.


United Kingdom


Energy Efficiency

Cloud Stack:

Python, asyncio, InfluxDB Cloud, PostgreSQL DaaS, flask, bootstrap, Grafana

Device Stack:

Azure IoT Edge, Linux with custom BSP,  C++, 4G Cellular, redis



The Project

A multinational energy utility approached Full Stack Energy to help develop a suite of software and hardware that allows the customer to provide grid frequency support by dispatching distributed batteries. It incorporates PMU (Phasor Monitoring Unit) technology that monitors the grid frequency per cycle basis and sends charge/discharge signals to the relevant battery banks if a frequency event is detected.

Solution Highlights


Full Stack Energy provided a number of specialists - a Python & AWS Developers and a Embedded Product Engineer/Project Manager.

The first step was to frame the domain problem, scope of requirements, and business objectives. Together with the client Product Owner, System Architect, and team of Stakeholders, we defined the platform's goals that we needed to implement using the appropriate technological stack.

The business analysis stage
involved the following steps:

  • Defining the goals of the project.

  • Designing wireframes to demonstrate the product's planned functionality.

  • Creating a backlog containing user stories categorised by epic with acceptance criteria.

  • Prioritising the order of implementation for each user story

  • Refining the backlog sprints.


Resulting value

Only Full Stack Energy could provide deep knowledge of the energy sector and technological know-how that enabled the team and the client to quickly collaborate on informed and innovative solutions. 

Full Stack Energy developed software, hardware, and process suite to realise the customer objectives as part of this project. It incorporates PMU technology that monitors the grid frequency per cycle basis and sends charge/discharge signals to the relevant battery banks if a frequency event is detected.

Our systems leverage the latest in Big Data technology, specifically Time Series Database systems, to store the data acquired so that it can be retrieved and analysed post-event. This allows the system to learn and optimise its control algorithm.

Our PMU-based event detection technology identifies issues instantaneously so that action can be taken manually or automatically.

Battery management for grid support has many applications.

  • Real-time ingestion of C118 stream with analysis

  • Demand Response and Load Control

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