Circuit Audit Platform.

A Switch-To-Circuit Association process to assess the viability of M&V technical metering. The audit platform provides a full audit verification process to ensure that proposed savings are accurate.

Project Overview

The Client

The client is an energy efficiency building and retrofit company operating across the US. The client uses its sophisticated CRM, marketing, sales and supply-chain tools to reduce energy costs for SMEs and capacity problems for utility customers.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to reach more small and medium-sized business customers who could see the savings opportunities of retrofitting but did not have all the capital.

The Full Stack Energy team developed a turn-key energy assessment & measurement tool that would guarantee savings from day one and recoup the costs from the savings.


The solution was to develop a measurement & verification system. The system allows utility clients to verify savings through direct measurement and disaggregation systems. The M&V tool enables the implementation of shared savings, enabling customers to realise savings with no initial down payment.

The system of advanced audit analysis, pre-installation circuit testing and validation, circuit-level metering and backend disaggregation offer confidence to customers and utilities reviewing the savings presented in every M&V project.


United States


Energy Efficiency


Business Process Development, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Frontend Development, QA Testing


Typescript, HTML/CSS, MaterialUI, Angular, Swift, Python, Okta, PostgreSQL, AWS, JSReport, MQTT, EnOcean, MODBUS, C++

Solution Highlights


Full Stack Energy provided a team of five specialists - three Python & AWS Developers, a Machine Learning engineer and a Product Designer/Project Manager.

The first step was to frame the domain problem, scope of requirements, and business objectives. Together with the client Product Owner, System Architect, and team of Stakeholders, we defined the platform's goals that we needed to implement using the appropriate technological stack.

The business analysis stage
involved the following steps:

  • Defining the goals of the project.

  • Designing wireframes to demonstrate the product's planned functionality.

  • Creating a backlog containing user stories categorised by epic with acceptance criteria.

  • Prioritising the order of implementation for each user story

  • Refining the backlog sprints.

Product delivered

The system hardware is designed for quick facility assessment and real-time data transmission.

  • Revenue-Grade Meter interface with powered CTs and transmit via a wired connection to metering gateway.

  • The technician uses an iPad with a cellular connection access the app, which is touch-enabled to allowing for an easy circuit, switch dragging and quick data entry.

Audit Tool


Resulting value

The Full Stack Energy team built an intuitive user experience with the expert knowledge that only comes with experience in the energy and business domain.

The App mapped loads to circuits for supervised training of machine learning algorithms and the commissioning of wireless sensors. The tool required minimal training and significantly cut-down audit time whilst increasing accuracy.

Deep knowledge of the energy sector enabled the team and the client to quickly collaborate on innovative solutions and offer more value than any software development contractors.

The platform is rolled out to multiple utility programs across the US to hundreds of thousands of customers.

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