Custom Meter Gateway.

Custom Solution a Major Government Agency

Project Overview

The Client

The Office of Public Works (OPW) is a major Irish Government agency which manages most of the Irish State's property portfolio, including hundreds of owned and rented Government offices and police properties.

Business Challenge

The OPW has been running an energy conservation campaign entitled Optimising Power @ Work which aims to encourage behavioural change and conservation about energy usage. In 2014 the program was launched to the wider Public Sector. To maximise the effectiveness of the program, OPW required a custom energy management solution for their bespoke energy data management needs.


The solution was to develop a measurement & verification system that fits the specific requirements of the OPW procurement tender. The metering system enables public sector teams to champion their energy reduction achievements and promote their progress through internal awareness tools. 

The Optimising Power @ Work programme in the Central Government buildings has achieved average annual savings of 25% across 300 participating facilities, making it the largest and most successful campaign of its kind in Ireland.

OPW Optimising Power @ Work ResourceKraft Advisor




Estate Management


Project Management, Embedded Software Development, Product Design, QA Testing, Energy Management Consultancy


Java, Typescript, HTML/CSS, BootstrapUI, Angular, PostgreSQL, AWS, JSReport, MQTT, EnOcean, MODBUS, C++

Solution Highlights


Product Features

Full Stack Energy provided a team of three specialists - a Java & AWS Developer, an Embedded Hardware Engineer and an Energy Engineer/Project Manager.

The first step was to frame the domain problem, scope of requirements and business objectives. Then in consultation with the client's team of stakeholders, we defined the platform goals that needed to be implemented using the appropriate technological stack.

Full Stack Energy designed the system hardware for quick facility assessment and real-time data transmission.

  • Bespoke Revenue-Grade Meter with powered CTs and transmit via a wired connection to metering gateway.

  • The technician uses a browser to access the app to monitor progress towards energy conservation goals.

Audit Tool


Resulting value

The OP@W scheme has successfully delivered 25% energy savings for OPW operated buildings in 5 years. Following this tremendous success, OPW expanded this programme to the largest office in each local authority to aid their drive to NEEAP 2020 targets.

OP@W turned to Full Stack Energy as their specialist external technical service provider of the equipment and software needed to measure and manage energy use. 

As an Irish company, Full Stack Energy, and its parent company ResourceKraft, is familiar to many Local Authority Energy Managers. Our systems have provided the data-driven metrics they have used to engage office staff in managerial and behavioural change. 

Full Stack Energy scaled up the OP@W system for local authority bodies outside their main office. This provided all the necessary equipment and support to measure and manage their large energy consumers, such as Leisure Centres, major buildings and plants throughout the city or county. 

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