Recruiting: Senior Behind-The-Meter (BTM) Technology Development Engineer

The other guys will tell you that they are making the world a better place. At Full Stack Energy we are actually doing it! Every day our software and hardware systems are controlling and monitoring electrical loads (like Electric Vehicle chargers), energy storage systems (like grid-scale batteries) and renewable energy systems (like solar and wind). Our systems are balancing conflicting demands several times a second to ensure that the maximum number of renewables can be accommodated onto energy grids. More renewables mean less carbon emissions. That’s just got to be good, right? 

IoT Recruit

Full Stack Energy, a boutique development house within ResourceKraft is currently recruiting a Behind-The-Meter (BTM) Technology Development Engineer.

If you do not know what “Behind The Meter” means, don’t worry – it’s all about dynamically balancing big energy loads with storage and generation tech – and its essential if we are to accommodate renewables and head off climate change. If you have experience working with control systems, PV monitoring, control of EV charging, control of energy storage systems, demand response, ancillary services, we should talk.

All the while leading the world in carbon-neutral innovation, saving the earth millions of tons in carbon, and enabling the transition to green energy.

What you will do

Develop bleeding edge Behind The Meter control systems that will incorporate PV, EV charging and state of the art energy storage systems.

Get dug in regarding customer requirements and industry trends.   Work with a range of stakeholders to ensure that the correct software features are developed and that the right decisions are made.

Participate in all phases of the Application Development Lifecycle (and we really mean all) You may need to manage other team members, depending upon the project. However, your seniority is based on what you can achieve in the real world, not on how many people report to you


  • Comfortable working with all kinds of stakeholders, including customers, managers, hardware developers, architects, field engineers and electrical contractors
  • Excellent work ethic, dependable, and responsible 
  • Excellent spoken and written English 
  • Strong logical and creative problem-solving skills, good oral and written communication skills, and excellent analytical skills 


  • Min 8+ years in the development of monitoring systems, control systems, IoT systems, distributed systems
  • You must be able to program. Our favourite programming language is Python but we are open to folks with Go, NodeJS, C/C++, Lua and Java. Learning a new programming language should be a welcome challenge to you
  • You should be familiar with at least some of the relevant packaging and deployment technologies, such as Kubernetes, Docker , Helm, Terraform etc.
  • You should be familiar with at least one of the PaaS offerings such as Azure or AWS
  • You absolutely need to understand how physical systems and processes can be controlled by computer technology. If you want to spend all
  • your time in the cloud, this is not the right job for you
  • You need to be relentlessly curious and capable of communicating complex ideas and algorithms
  • You need not be a mathematician, but you do need to be capable of embracing mathematics to get the job done. The algorithms required for
  • this role go beyond sorting and filtering. Expect that sometimes your brain will feel close to melting


  • Make a difference to the environment 
  • Flexible working conditions - work from home or office
  • Competitive pay scale
  • Regular salary/performance reviews
  • Work with a small team
  • Income Protection & Death in Service Benefits
  • 23 Days annual vacation
  • Work on modern technologies
  • Gain wide experience
  • Option to work from our Limerick, remote in Ireland or globally

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