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New Product Development

Full Stack Energy has a long history in the specialised design and development of energy management products. Our deep domain-driven experience is as rich as our technical knowledge. We know how to help you define your ideas, and our discipline guarantees a successful build and launch process.

Our approach to designing and developing a new product typically combines aspects of Waterfall (for research) and Agile (for design/development/validation). We help you explore an idea, define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and rapidly iterate through prototype development and validation. We are modern and lightweight in our approach to new product development, leveraging components of both Waterfall and agile where appropriate. We always rightsize the process for the fit of the project.

Design Process

A five step design thinking process
A five step design thinking process


New product development begins with the ideation phase, where potential project concepts are analysed and researched. In this brainstorming stage, the cross-functional team looks at the business goals, competitive positioning and user needs. The target market and customers are identified. A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is sometimes performed to select the best strategic idea.




In the define phase, the chosen idea is scoped and refined. The design team and stakeholders explore use cases, concept sketches and testing. The team form a technical feasibility assessment of the new product. Most people are very knowledgeable about the problem domain (what the customer is trying to achieve). Some low-fidelity mockups are used to obtain early user feedback on the product's viability. At this time, the team also performs a competitive analysis that targets a USP, considers a marketing strategy and can start to develop a schedule to quantify the resources and outline the costs.




The design team typically creates prototypes. Prototypes can be rapidly designed and used to demonstrate a long-term vision of the product roadmap. Sample prototypes expose manufacturing, UX and market challenges and demonstrate the project's viability to c-suite members and investors. This prototype is also called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which explains the essential first launch functionality and identifies areas that need improvement. We are very flexible concerning process – if some process is not required to get to the MVP, we do not deploy it. The team often produces many prototypes and test variations before selecting a final prototype.




With the detailed MVP prototype serving as a blueprint, the development team developed the functional product. We use far fewer people, and in software projects, smaller teams generally result in faster results.

The teams set about designing, building and testing prioritised blocks of functionality from the validated prototypes. These are incrementally launched to enable a continuous feedback loop and rapid improvement. The product could be developed in the agile methodology if the product is software.




Feedback from user testing validates the product and informs the next steps in prototype design and development. The product is prepared for launch. The agile development cycle iterates to the next planned sprint of features from the backlog improvements garnered from stakeholders.

Energy Management Ecosystem


Alex Telford

The unique combination of quality engineering and vast energy expertise sets Full Stack Energy apart. Their dedication and flexibility helped drive our 10-year+ business relationship and helped our customers save $1.5 billion in energy costs.

The Full Stack Energy team continue to be core to the design and the re-architecture of our flagship Direct Install platform. During our relationship, Lime Energy also worked with Full Stack Energy to carve out and manage key IP blocks, including the acquisition of a key patent in 2020.


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Full Stack Energy eats, breathes & sleeps energy.

Team Augmentation

We are here to enhance your team through project or contract work. You can benefit from the expertise and experience of our highly specialised development engineers without the cost or hassle of recruitment.

Agile Software Development

We keep you informed at every stage through Agile software development methodologies. Full Stack Energy teams deliver value to customers, fast releasing updates early and iterating on the customer feedback in loops.

Product Development

Full Stack Energy has a long history in the specialised design and development of energy management products. Our deep domain-driven experience is as rich as our technical knowledge. 


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