EV Charging Management


Integrate, Operate & Efficiently Manage Business Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleets.

Powered by Full Stack Energy, ChargeKomplete is a charge point infrastructure and EV management platform.

chargeKomplete Vehicle Fleet

Product Introduction


Climate change and energy costs have sparked an energy transition away from fossil fuels and toward greener electric solutions.

ChargeKomplete helps companies manage charging infrastructure, vehicle fleets, charging schedules and payment solutions.  

The ChargeKomplete cloud application makes it easy to set up charging points on multisite locations, importing fleets of vehicles and managing their charging and billing.





Easily set up, locate and manage your charge infrastructure and fleet in one simple system that is integrated with building management systems.



Manage the power you consume from the grid. Achieve your business goals on cost and achieve your carbon reduction KPIs.  



Support charging plans, multiple tariffs, pricing and invoicing. Reduce costs with flexible independence from charge point vendors.

System Key


Charging Station Management

Increase the efficiency of your electric vehicle fleet charging sessions and charge point infrastructure through the ChargeKomplete management interface. Reduce the onboarding time of new chargers, EVs, grid and APIs. Open Charge Point Protocols (OCPP) support and streamlined setup and configuration of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

chargeKomplete Charging Station Details

Management of EV Charging

Reduce energy costs and intelligently manage grid load. Optimise charging around tariff pricing and schedules. Get an analysis of vehicle charge performance. 

chargeKomplete Charging Stations Usage

Charge at home, Work & Public. Reimburse charging expenses.

Enable employees to charge fleet vehicles at home, work or in public. Track vehicle charging expenses through ID and reimburse expenses.

The system supports pricing plans and tariffs and integrates with payment processors.

chargeKomplete Charging Sessions


ChargeKomplete empowers companies to manage their electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and integrate it with their business processes.
  • Enable charging at home and charging at work

  • Tariffs, billing, invoicing 

  • EV fleet management

  • Charge station configuration and management

  • Real-time charging status data

  • V2G bidirectional communication OCPP

Audit Tool



Full Stack Energy can also provide highly specialised development services and resource augmentation to our clients who wish to build upon and customise ChargeKomplete to their specific needs. 

Full Stack Energy provides energy-specific development services and resource augmentation to customers globally. Our developers have a proven track record of delivery and are experts in their field with leading-edge skills and technology experience. 

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What our Customers Say

Alex Telford

The unique combination of quality engineering and vast energy expertise sets Full Stack Energy apart. Their dedication and flexibility helped drive our 10-year+ business relationship and helped our customers save $1.5 billion in energy costs.

The Full Stack Energy team continue to be core to the design and the re-architecture of our flagship Direct Install platform. During our relationship, Lime Energy also worked with Full Stack Energy to carve out and manage key IP blocks, including the acquisition of a key patent in 2020.