Smart EV Fleet & charge park management

Fleet Charger is a real-time EV charge management system that efficiently and reliably regulates fleet charging across EV charge parks.

Product Introduction


The success of large-scale E-mobility depends on controlled charging to balance EV fleet charging loads.

Simultaneously charging multiple electric vehicles within a local area can damage power system equipment and cause voltage drops and utility penalties.

EV fleet & charge park management supports multiple charge optimisation strategies such as static load, dynamic load, schedules, and other grid-based approaches.


Empowers you to...

Control remotely

Manage charge parks remotely across multiple locations with Fleet Charger.

Streamlined setup and configuration of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Reduce onboarding time for new chargers, EVs and users with Open Charge Point Protocols (OCPP) support.

Manage costs

Fleet Charger is an intelligent system designed to manage the load of electric vehicles charging smartly and efficiently. It prevents costly peak loads and eliminates the need for utility upgrades.

Fleet Charger achieves this by distributing the charging power across your fleet of vehicles while staying below a predefined power limit. Fleet Charger ensures EVs are charged on time without overloading your utility grid.

Manage your fleet

Effortlessly grow your electric vehicle fleet or charge park facilities based on your unique requirements. Fleet Charger's cloud-based application simplifies the setup of charging points on multiple sites, allowing you to import your fleet and manage its charging and billing easily.

Integrate with existing hardware

Fleet Charger is hardware vendor-neutral and integrates with all-electric vehicle supply equipment brands. It also supports combinations of AC and DC stations. Fleet Charger offers future-proof charging and energy management without changing your current programs and processes.

Standards compliant

Fleet Charger is future-proofed with V2G, V2X, and Plug & Charge. Standards and protocols reduce development costs, enabling growth through interoperability and establishing a fully functioning market for Electric Vehicle operations.

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