Intelligent Load Balancing of EV Fleet Charging.

LoadKontrol supports multiple configurable load control strategies as well as complex circuit topologies.

Product Introduction


Simultaneous charging of multiple electric vehicles within a local area can damage power system equipment and cause voltage drops and utility penalties. The success of large-scale E‐mobility depends on controlled charging and balancing EV fleet charging loads.

Full Stack Energy LoadKontrol supports Static, Scheduled and Dynamic charging modes. LoadKontrol supports multiple charging strategies such as First-In-First-Out, VIP Charging, Closest to Full Charge and many more. 

Multiple Kinds Of

Load Balancing

Load balancing is essential in managing the needs of the charging electric vehicle fleet when its charging demands exceed the building's electrical supply. Full Stack Energy offers multiple kinds of load-balancing strategies to maximise charging speeds. Full Stack Energy LoadKontrol helps protect the facility's electrical infrastructure whilst ensuring the efficient operation of the charging infrastructure.


Manual Pre-Set Charging Limits

Static load balancing ensures that the current supplied to the collective EV charging system is within the limits defined in the LoadKontrol software.

With static load balancing, the system dispenses no more than the fixed, pre-set power allocations. Static load balancing keeps charging predictable but does not optimise charging to the available power at the facility.



Optimised Scheduled charging

Charging schedules are essential for almost every electric vehicle owner and charing operator. Schedules can take into account the EV parking time. Sometimes charge speed is not a primary factor. EVs are often connected to charge point infrastructure longer than is needed.

EV loads can be shifted to reduce peak loads and minimise costs. Tariff information can reschedule charging to off-peak times.



Intelligent Load Control Algorithms

The dynamic load balancing algorithm constantly measures power consumption against the power capacity of the site facility and distributes the available power to the EV charging stations.

The intelligence in dynamic EV charging software will allow prioritisation between the chargers.

The system can integrate into any existing backend energy monitoring system. LoadControl can also connect to and extend the Full Stack Energy ChargeKomplete Charge Point Operator (CPO) solution.


Load Control




In this strategy, the first EV to start charging is prioritised. Distribution of the current and the load-sharing strategy is dependent on the order of EVs that commenced charging.  

VIP Charging


Frequent users of charging networks can avail of a VIP subscription to gain charging prioritisation. Tiered pricing is an attractive solution for large-scale operators and users alike. 

Closest To

Full Charge

Prioritisation can also be optimised towards to EV that is closest to being fully charged. This strategy's goal could be to free up charge bays in the event of a shortage of availability for charging or retail.

A Range of Novel

Charging Algorithms

Full Stack Energy has used machine learning for effective load balancing and charging strategies under the below criteria.

  • VIP - Priority Charging

  • State of Charge - Accounting Low/High Battery Status

  • Time of Day - Accounting for Rush Hour

  • Charge Capacity - Demand Response

  • On-Site Storage or Generation - Peak Shaving

  • Traffic Analysis

LoadKontrol Integrates with

Onsite Renewables & Batteries

deployMent in models


LoadKontrol can be deployed on the premises, on a secure IoT device, and support your existing energy management charging backend. 

chargeKomplete Integration Settings


LoadKontrol can be deployed in the cloud fully integrated with ChargeKomplete. ChargeKomplete makes it easy to set up charging points on multisite locations, import fleet vehicles and manage their charging and billing.


Alex Telford

The unique combination of quality engineering and vast energy expertise sets Full Stack Energy apart. Their dedication and flexibility helped drive our 10-year+ business relationship and helped our customers save $1.5 billion in energy costs.

The Full Stack Energy team continue to be core to the design and the re-architecture of our flagship Direct Install platform. During our relationship, Lime Energy also worked with Full Stack Energy to carve out and manage key IP blocks, including the acquisition of a key patent in 2020.