Custom Energy Monitoring System.

A large global retailer as part of its wider environmental sustainability objectives, wanted to exploit its existing real estate rooftop space to mount solar panels.

Project Overview

The Client

The client is a digital energy services company that ensure green energy every day - a clean energy community of businesses, prosumers and consumers who can monitor and share their energy. 

The client reached out to Full Stack Energy to for their rich experience in designing and developing energy monitoring and management software systems and solutions.

Business Challenge

The retailer has 100’s of widely dispersed stores and warehouses throughout Europe and planned to install solar panels on all sites to both reduce costs and CO2 emissions making the sites more self sufficient in energy and thereby more sustainable.

The retailer also had large refrigeration units which consumed significant amounts of energy but which could be turned off for short periods of time. The retailer wanted to explore the feasibility of earning revenue from this capability by offering a demand response service to the grid.

Demand response services are compensated by the electricity supplier to the those business who can reduce their energy usage for short periods of time when grid generation capacity is limited. The retailer needed a solution to first monitor the site load and quantify the magnitude of demand response energy available, then model and evaluate the potential of solar energy to offset the site load across a complex distributed organisational structure.

A secondary objective was to quantify the amount of excess energy available that could optionally be used to charge customer's electric vehicles.


Full Stack Energy produced an energy management system that enabled the retailer to clearly see the actual site consumption in real-time and the calculated ROI using modelling of solar and refrigeration demand/response contributions to the energy cost. 

With the real-time data they were able to  compare their various sites allowing them to identify anomalies and opportunities for immediate energy savings.





Energy Services


Business Process Development, UI/UX Design,  Frontend Development, Platform Architecture Design, Backend Cloud Infrastructure Development, QA Testing


Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, TypeScript/Angular, Java (Apache Came, Spring/Spring Boot, OpenFeign, Hazelcast), Azure, Azure Pipelines, AKS/ACR, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for PostgreSQL server group (Citus), Azure Storage & Data Dog

Solution Highlights


Full Stack Energy was brought on board to understand the retailers objectives and develop a system that allowed them to accurately measure, model and quantify the likely ROI using various revenue streams of the proposed renewable investment. 

The system had to accurately measure and record the site loads. Loads were then classified as essential, important and discretionary. Using this data, an accurate system model of the site could be created and various scenarios evaluated to calculate ROI. Full Stack Energy’s development team used an agile workflow that puts clear communication to the fore with an emphasis on understanding and solving the clients problems.

While working on the system, our team was in constant communication with the client on updates and builds. We worked closely with the customer’s internal facilities team, right through to deployment.

Custom Energy Monitoring Software Solutions


Resulting value

Full Stack Energy produced an energy management system that:

  • Continuously monitored and logged all significant site loads.
  • Modelled the contribution of proposed on site renewable generation in the overall energy mix 
  • Provided a variety of visualisations and dashboards to allow site analysis and comparison between sites
  • Created alerts to identify abnormal usage patterns and supported the creation of custom alerts at any organisational level

Proactive management allowed the retailer to reduce overall costs and CO2 emissions optimising the individual sites to better take advantage of the planned solar installation.

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