Project Overview

The Client

A global client with a large EV logistics park co-located with a sorting and dispatch centre needed to balance the requirement to charge their electric light commercial vehicle fleet (ELCV) while ensuring that they did not exceed their supplier connection agreement for total site load, avoiding incurring large financial penalties. The charge parks are some of the world's largest, with over 300 ELCV charging bays, each with a 22kW AC charger.





Cloud Stack:

Azure, Python, Node, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, InfluxDB Cloud, PostgreSQL, flask, bootstrap, Grafana

Device Stack:

Azure IoT, C++, asyncio, redis



The Challenge

Development of EV charge control combined hardware/software solution for some of the world's largest charge parks (especially logistics related). Provided a complete interception layer between OCPP charge points and backends.

Also implemented local OCPP backend, cloud-based ingestion, processing and storage of statistics, Operations and Maintenance (OaM) systems, IoT device management, automated chargepoint certification systems and much more. Introduced several key technologies to the customer.

Solution Highlights


Full Stack Energy was tasked with developing a system that would allow the client to optimise the charging time of ELCVs while respecting the constraints of the electricity supply. Upon understanding the breadth of the client's needs, Full Stack Energy set about developing scalable systems to carry out static and dynamic load management of OCPP-based EV chargers.


Resulting value

The Full Stack Energy team built an intuitive solution with the expert knowledge that only comes with experience in the energy and business domain. The project involved the development and deployment of:

  • Reliable embedded applications that intercept OCPP traffic and inject load control instructions.

  • Data processing and ingestion functionality.

  • Key ancillary systems, including visualisation, reporting, IoT device management, infosec, onward billing, etc.

  • Certification of a range of OCPP chargers.

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