Low Cost Data Acquisition System

A data logger gateway, designed to acquire, process and communicate energy and environmental data. The system contains an embedded computer, communications and data acquisition hardware.

Product Development

Low cost, highly reliable embedded data acquisition and control system. Can acquire data and control via MODBUS slaves and GPIO digital inputs and outputs.

The ability to access and acquire accurate Energy Data is one of the most important aspects of an Energy Management System (EnMS).

A traditional EnMS requires connection to an organisation’s IT network, which creates interconnectivity issues and requires significant capital investment.

Canary is a data acquisition gateway designed to acquire, process and communicate energy data in the most reliable manner. Canary DA can acquire data from MODBUS RTU slave devices. It can also obtain analog meter signals and control external electrical loads through its add-on modules all independent of the IT network.

The system is designed to be extremely reliable with enough memory to store well over 30 days of data should communications be interrupted.

High Level Schematic


Key Features

  • Can interface with MODBUS RTU networks to read data from energy meters and other kinds of devices
  • Communication via Ethernet port or GPRS/ UMTS network
  • Independent of existing IT Networks
  • Capable of supporting custom software applications
  • Compatible with a range of external antennas
  • DC supply
  • High reliability with integrated hardware
  • DIN-rail and wall mounting options